I can’t rave enough about the incredible service Activate Fitness + Nutrition provides.  I have tried many fitness regimes over the years, but their thoughtful and insightful approach to nutrition and the personalized fitness routine they provided is the most effective method I’ve ever used.  I lost weight, the pain in my back and knee went away, and I learned some things about my own eating habits that were really surprising.  Daniel and Julie are so wonderful to work with, their facility is immaculate and inviting – I recommend their services to anyone looking to make a real impact to their health and fitness.

Kristina C.

It’s been 7 years since I’ve came to ACTIVATE with the purpose to lose some weight and “activate fitness.”  Both goals have been achieved, but I’ve stayed for the training.  Activate fitness & nutrition provides the best personal training around, Julie and Daniel, is a dynamo couple.  Through Covid and all other life challenges, they stay focused on providing the best personal training possible, personal, being an operative word.  They take into consideration all the physical limitations, like injuries and such, the clients might have and adjust the program according.  The studio is amazing too, bright and airy, extremely clean.

Irina Z.

Julie with ACTIVATE fitness & nutrition provides the best personal training around.  Julie’s laser-focused on ensuring I have a great experience and make progress towards my fitness and lifestyle goal each and every session.  Through techniques and methods learned in my 4 years at ACTIVATE, I cannot underscore enough how much she’s done to improve my health and wellness.  I am not only stronger & healthier, but more aware of lifestyle decisions I make daily.

Megan M.

I started with Activate nine months ago because I needed a way to push myself without the injuries I kept getting on my own. Julie and Daniel are just fantastic and continually adapt my program so I am pushing myself without the ‘no pain no gain’ attitude that always caused me to have setbacks.

I was always skeptical of remote training and didn’t think I could stay as engaged as I was at their studio, but I am happy to say I was wrong. Keeping my fitness routine going while staying at home has been a huge part of my mental and physical self care. They are still able to tell when my core isn’t engaged or suggest corrections to my form to ensure I am getting the most out of every exercise. I’m looking forward to getting back to the studio, but I am so grateful that they also make training at home a rewarding experience.

Kimberlee C.

Julianne is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and conscientious. My personal training has been customized by Julianne to meet my goals as well as allowing for limitations due to previous injuries.  Julianne varies each session with an emphasis on strengthening specific areas of the body.  She always challenges me and instills a sense of accomplishment. Her nutrition program and recommendations have completely changed my eating habits.  Even small suggestions have had a great impact.  I am never hungry and no longer crave foods that have limited nutritional value and caused me to put on weight.  Julianne has made me aware of the need to fuel your body.  As a result, I have more energy and overall feel healthier.  Prior to Julianne I have tried many diet and exercise programs with limited success.  In the past nine months I have lost 25 pounds, gone from a size 12 to size 6, and lowered my total cholesterol by 70 points.  I am much happier with myself and feel in control.  Julianne has provided me with the motivation and tools to achieve this success and has instilled in me a lifestyle change for the long term.  I highly recommend Julianne.  Her knowledge and expertise in both nutrition and personal training greatly exceed many others I have worked with in this field.


ACTIVATE is nothing short of fantastic.  They helped me transform from a very overweight, unhealthy 60 something year old to a much healthier, stronger, thinner, energetic, and younger-feeling version of myself.  I lost not only weight but the need for high blood pressure medicine.  I regained a love of life and ability to actively live it!  I can’t say enough good things about Activate or its owner!!!!

Mary H.

ACTIVATE Fitness + Nutrition is a business that I rely on for my long-term health and wellness. As a typical busy person with a job and family, it is hard to find the time to truly exercise and do it correctly, safely and most efficiently. With Julie, Daniel and the entire operation, ACTIVATE is a critical service for my health and fitness. I can honestly say, as someone with life-long back issues, I feel better now, in my late 40s, than I did in my 30s! Make an appointment now! You will be grateful you did.

Alex T.

I have been a client at Activate for several years. Julie and Daniel are both amazing trainers. They truly want you to meet and exceed your fitness and lifestyle goals. I have successfully been able to continue training through injuries due to their knowledge and ability to make adjustments. I am so happy I discovered Activate. I have increased my strength (physically and mentally), I feel great, and have developed a great friendship with both Julie and Daniel.

Tracy D.

A unique, personal experience. Not only for muscles, but for working on sports injuries as well. It’s not about pounds, it’s about building your health. No intimidation. I’ve been working with ACTIVATE for over 8 years and it’s been great for my body and great for mind.

Anya K.

Julie- the owner is fabulous! She’s so caring and comforting. I’ve never met a trainer so knowledgeable, and not in just my training regimen but in my health as a whole. She goes above and beyond to answer all my questions. For the first time I feel like I will be able to achieve my fitness goals with her by my side! Thank you so much Julie!

Kris J.

I have been a client of Julie and Daniel for many years and they are the best in the business. They have a very wonderful combination of knowledge about fitness and how to train but also the right sense on how hard they need to push me to do better without injury or real discomfort.  Activate is a very unique little gym that is personal and private.  Working on both fitness and nutrition with them is a seamless experience and gives me the motivation and accountability I need. The facility is convenient, well stocked and set up for all types of training and fitness work.


Julie has a very special skill set that makes her the best personal trainer. She is thoroughly  knowledgeable about health and fitness, and she understands each individual that she trains. Most important, Julie cares deeply about the men and women that come to her to get in shape and that sets her apart. If you want to improve your life, Activate Fitness and Nutrition is the place to go, and Julie is the person to see.

Toby Q.

Julie is amazing!  She started coaching me in October of last year.  Had lower back pain and was willing to accept this just happens with age.  I was wrong!  After a few months I not only had no more back pain but lost 15lbs and felt stronger than I have in 10 years.  She is smart, motivated and knows how to train safely.  Love her!

Jacqueline R.

My strength, posture and endurance are back. And I have lost unwanted inches. Working out with my daughter in the semi-private session has been fulfilling in so many ways. A really energizing experience.

Susan M.

I have gained tremendous strength and agility while always enjoying my sessions. They are equally adept at vigorous athletic conditioning, as they are at gentle introductions to fitness. I can’t say enough about the depth and breadth of their expertise and care.

Allie K.

As a woman of a ‘certain age’ who hates the gym scene, I found ACTIVATE’s unique motivational style and personalized exercise/nutrition plans to be just what I needed to achieve noticeable results.  With their help, in just 4 months I am stronger, more energetic and ‘lighter’ than I have been in years!  Thanks!


Jules has been my personal trainer and nutritionist for approximately 10 months and I have experienced tremendous success with her guidance and encouragement.  As a result of our joint efforts, I have lost 40 pounds and dropped from a size 14 (16 on a bad day) to a size 6.  I have a whole new wardrobe and I am loving it.  My doctor has discontinued my use of Lipitor and my blood sugar has dropped from a pre-diabetes level to within normal range.  I have reached my desired weight and Jules has been instrumental in my success. She has been extremely professional, responsible, dedicated and fun to work with.  She has motivated me, pushed me to the next level and celebrated my success right along with me.  She is truly committed to her clients’ success.  I look forward to my workouts with Jules.  She mixes things up and keeps me interested.  I feel the combination of personal trainer and nutritionist is extremely powerful.  Who would have thought – but diet and exercise really works!  I know I would not have been as successful if I did only one or the other. I attribute my success to Jules coaching and training on both diet and exercise.  She has given me a whole new outlook and I have made a permanent lifestyle change.  I now enjoy exercising and don’t miss all those extra calories I use to consume.  I really feel that I can maintain my current weight.  I feel the best that I have felt in a long time and the continued positive feedback that I receive from family and friends is truly inspiring me to stay on track.  I plan to continue to work with Jules to maintain my progress and allow her to ‘sculpture me’.  I highly recommend Jules to anyone who is serious about losing weight and feeling better.  I would not have had this success without her.


Julie has been my personal trainer for many years now. She is a master at what she does! She creates a workout environment where you can feel both challenged and supported. Through our work together, I have met and exceeded many fitness goals. My favorite part of working with Julie has been her personalized approach. She takes into consideration all aspects of who I am when deciding our next step together. In periods where I haven’t been as motivated, she has helped me stay in the game. When recovering from illness, she did a great job of slowly helping me regain my strength and power. She always makes it enjoyable while also helping me to make consistent progress.Even after moving out of the Boston area, I haven’t been able to find another trainer that matches up to Julie. So I was excited when she started e-training so now I can connect with her no matter where in the world my work and travels may take me. Overall, I highly recommend Julie. If you are looking for a passionate, dedicated, and very knowledgeable personal trainer, then Julie is the best!


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