Safe and Effective Training to Guide You Through Each Stage of Pregnancy, Recovery and Beyond

Prenatal and Postnatal Programs

Motherhood can really take a toll on your bod!  From the ever-changing pregnant body, to healing from vaginal birth or c-section, to lugging the baby carrier everywhere, to that twist-and-lift manuever to put little ones into car seats, to those quick reactive movements keeping up with an active toddler –  moms need access to all the durability they can get!

Our Prenatal Program considers the psychological and physical changes through each trimester of pregnancy and how they impact your exercise programming, rest, recovery and nutrition.

Our Postnatal Program considers the uniqueness of each mother’s childbirth and postpartum period as we partner to rehab, retrain, return to exercise, and bulletproof your body.  The exercise portion of this program begins seven weeks postpartum and continues through 42 weeks postpartum.

Your ACTIVATE coach is excited to walk through this special time with you and to guide your exercises to keep you strong and healthy through pregnancy and beyond.

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We are located on the 2nd floor of the Musto Building in Woburn’s Four Corners. The building has ample parking and an elevator. Our facility is wheelchair-friendly.


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