Maintain Your Strength Through the Fight


We are honored to be a trusted part of your care team.  Our promise is to use our experience, sound judgement and creativity during your sessions while staying within our scope of practice.  We look forward to collaborating with any other specialists to ensure that your wellness plan is safe and feels cohesive.

After receiving clearance from your doctor, your ACTIVATE coach will develop an individualized exercise plan involving screening, assessment, prescription, goal-setting, evaluation and communication.  Typically, this plan will be focused on three components: Aerobics, Strength Training and Stretching and Relaxation.

For clients currently in treatment, we will have the objective of maintaining your endurance, strength and level of function.  Cancer therapy exhausts physical and emotional reserves, so a good use of personal training is an attempt to maintain these resources.

For survivors of cancer, we will have the objective of working back to your former level of physical and psychological function.  Your programming will include all components of physical fitness and strive to improve quality of life.

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We are located on the 2nd floor of the Musto Building in Woburn’s Four Corners. The building has ample parking and an elevator. Our facility is wheelchair-friendly.


186 Cambridge Road
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